ISAAC n CARMEL Consulting               

Vision and Mission Statement  

Our vision is to foster entrepreneurial growth by helping people with entrepreneurial potential, like you, to realize their dreams. Our mission is to assist you in exploring opportunities, launching new ventures, or growing your existing business by providing productive business solutions and recommendations.



Why Isaac n Carmel ?

Size Doesn't Matter

Most consultancies focus their services on medium to large corporations.   They have limited availability for small projects, and when they do, they are expensive. Isaac n Carmel’ expertise is in helping small businesses. We value your business even if you are only just starting out. Our focus is on helping you achieve your dreams and goals, and our values and approach reflect that.


Relationship-Oriented - We're Your Business Friend 

We place ourselves in your shoes and think outside in. Our belief is that only when we have established a trust relationship with you, do we deserve the business you are entrusting us with. We believe in long-term relationships, and we will support your business vision even after the completion of your project.


We Understand You

As an entrepreneur himself, our principal consultant, Ramon Christopher, understands small business operators’ needs and challenges intimately. His personal experience in starting and operating small businesses sets her apart from corporate consultants who do not have experience with micro-scale businesses. We understand you. 



Established in 2009,Isaac and Carmel Consulting has been serving its international clientele for over 3 years. Working from our head office in Selangor,the team strives                       to ensure delegates                        receive the highest                       level of training,                      customer care and value                      for money.

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